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Live in Bliss and Happiness

Learn to lead a happy, healthy, stress-free and successful life

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Live in Bliss and Happiness

Learn to lead a happy, healthy, stress-free and successful life

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Happiness Rewiring Formula

Get the Clarity on Purpose

Unclarity of goals creates uncertainty in mind

Set the Foundation Right

Until the foundation (mindset) is strong, one can not build a happiness empire

Create Zone of Excellence

Unleash the power of your mind to create your own zone of happiness and excellence

Transformational Programs

Happiness And Abundance Mindset

Create unlimited happiness in your life by rewiring your own mind – an ultimate blend of Subconscious Reimprinting, Mindfulness, Meditation and Law of attraction.  Learn More…..

The Science of Good Life

Learn the science behind Good Life and strengthen the five pillars of Happiness to live a healthy, energetic, stress free and anxiety free life. Learn More…..

Rejuvenational Meditations

Learn how to meditate effectively and declutter your mind with 7 powerful meditation techniques to achieve inner peace. Learn More…..

Learn the Magic of Subconscious Mind

Master Your Subconscious Mind using NLP Techniques to get rid of  bad memories, fear, phobias and other dis-empowering triggers which stops you in moving ahead in life. Learn More…..

Autopilot Business System

Run your coaching/training business on autopilot by making awesome online courses and integrating the systems and enjoy a business of Freedom. Learn More…..

Academic Abundance Secrets

Roadmap to Academic Excellence – Learn the strategies to succeed. Learn More…..

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One to One Life Coaching

3 Pillars of Success and Happiness

1st Pillar

Self Awareness

Clarify your values and beliefs

Understand who you are

Know your purpose of life

Rediscover yourself

2nd Pillar

Strengthen Foundation

Learn to get rid of past burden

Build emotional resilience

Remove the patterns of negativity

Improve your self-image

3rd Pillar

Zone of Excellence

Be in the resourceful state all the time

Create a magical bond with others

Create a compelling future

Align your neurological levels

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  • Testimonial

    25 days podcasts were great, this has really helped me to come out of difficult situations.

    Hitesh Bahri

  • Testimonial

    Nilesh is one of the best lifecoach with superb command over the subject. 25 day Life Transformational program is a must for every one for a happy and stress free life.

    Varun Saxena

  • Testimonial

    Someone has truly said that Experience is the best teacher and Nilesh Goswami is the one who has learnt to be tough and sail through from his life experience!!

    Shikha Ahuja

  • Testimonial

    You are an awesome coach with great knowledge. Your 25 days podcasts are phenomenal and really life transforming.

    Navin Kumar

  • Testimonial

    Success can’t be taught by somebody who has not tasted it personally. Nilesh is an exemplary successful coach, mentor,trainer,motivational speaker.

    Prince Sharma