Stress vs Performance

Written by on March 8, 2019

When I was a student (in fact, I am still a student), I used to start worrying whenever exams were approaching. Because of this, I would feel stressed up. But this stress always helped me achieving my best and keeping me among the top performers of the class.

Yes , you heard it right, this stress always provided me a kick to perform better. And to my surprise, when I used to enter the examination hall, it would vanish automatically, and change my state into a state of calmness and confidence due to which I could recall everything whatever I had memorized.

Research also indicates that performance improves with stress, though there is a limit to it. When Stress increases beyond this limit (which we may call as individual’s capacity to handle stress), it becomes overwhelming and starts affecting us negatively. When this happens, we start losing our focus. Our memory becomes poor and creativity is affected. Our confidence takes a big toll. Overall, our performance becomes poor and hence the results. Research also indicates poor performance in case of no stress because of laziness and casual approach.

If one does not cope the stress positively, it may lead to exhaustion and eventually burnout may take place.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn the secret to manage yourself in the best way so that you can turn the stress in your favour without affecting you negatively.

Stress management techniques not only help you to manage yourself to be at optimal performance level but also shifts the optimal performance level to a new high so that you can perform better even in case of increased stress.

Using these powerful techniques, you improve your physical stamina, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as your social wellbeing.