Can Our Mind Stop Thinking Negative?

Written by on November 20, 2019

A mind is just a software which we keep on programming consciously or unconsciously. This programming is based on our past experiences, behaviours which have now converted into our beliefs.

The function of the mind is to think continuously. It can never stop thinking. Once it stops thinking, it is dead. It keeps on thinking basis the program feed in it. If we have limiting or negative beliefs or we are attached to past negative experiences, it will obviously think that way only.

Now the question is how to stop negative thinking. The answer is very simple – just start thinking positively.

I know what you are thinking – if doing this is so easy, everyone would have done it.

Well my friends, actually it is that easy. One just needs to know how this is to be done.

We think negatively because of our negative beliefs. These beliefs are random generalized opinions of some people, but they are deeply programmed in our mind. Once they are deeply settled in our mind, they play the role of guiding force to our subconscious mind.

Some of the negative beliefs are:

Life is hard.

Life is painful.

I have to suffer and compromise.

No one loves me.

The universe is not supporting me.

I am a victim.

I can’t succeed.

Relationships will always end in heartbreak.

and the list goes on…….

If you relate completely or partially with any of these negative beliefs, they will guide your subconscious mind accordingly. If you believe that ‘Life is hard’, then your mind will focus only on such events where life was hard. Also, when life is kind, you will ignore it subconsciously and thus miss the juice of life.

But if you believe that ‘Life is kind and rewarding’, you will start seeing the joy around yourself even in small things. Also, when life is hard for you, your focus will go in your favour. You will start seeing this hardness of life as learning. And you will not experience any regret or pain about life.

To replace the negative beliefs into the empowering ones, you need to just do one thing. Challenge whatever belief you are having. Ask yourself whether it is a universal truth or is it your opinion only. For example, if you think “life is hard” – is it hard for everyone. If it is true for everyone, then it is a universal truth and you live with it. But if you find even a single person for whom life is enjoyable and beautiful, it means this is not a universal truth. If you find out that it is your opinion only (which you will, in most of the case), imagine what will be the pains and how’ll your growth hamper if you keep this opinion. Now, what should be the new empowering belief that can replace the old one? For example, the belief ‘Life is hard’ can be reframed ‘Life teaches wonderful lessons and is rewarding’.

Once your subconscious mind knows that a particular belief is just an opinion and not the universal truth, it will be ready to replace that belief. You need to reinforce new empowering belief by continuously saying to yourself as a self-affirmation. Along with this, keep on imagining the pains you’ll get if you do not replace the old belief and the gains you’ll get with this new belief.

Once you do this continuously, you’ll find that your negative beliefs are now replaced with the new empowering beliefs and your thinking is becoming positive.

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