How is the State Created By the Mind

Written by on July 7, 2018

We hear people saying regularly that they are in good mood or low mood. What is this mood? Well, mood is nothing but a state of mind. But then instantly a question arises in the mind- How is it created? And the answer is very simple- it is a subjective experience of events.

Let me illustrate this. When any event occurs, our mind does not take it as such. It filters it through its lens by Deletion, Distortion and Generalization. For example, when you are going to home from office, you see so many things such as vehicles, people, places etc on the way; but how many of these do you remember? Our mind deletes these informations. Similarly, if a person says that today temperature is 50 degree which may be the fact but then he says that weather is bad. Here he has distorted the information by saying that weather is bad. For a farmer, same weather may be good for the crops. Likewise, if a person is pickpocketed at one place and he declares that everyone is meeting the same fate at that place, then it’s the case of generalization.

This way, our mind creates its own reality which is different from the actual event. This inner reality is responsible for the states. Based on this subjective experience, the person will either be in resourceful state (positive state- love, happiness, joy, confidence, flexibility, wellness etc) or unresourceful state (negative state- hate, sadness, anger, guilt, illness etc). Whenever we are in unresourceful state, we are not able to access our resources properly which leads to stress, anxiety, anger and other states. These states are then responsible for our behaviours and actions which in turn decides the outcome. Thus, we can achieve our goals if can learn to be in appropriate state of mind by correcting the inner reality which can be reprogrammed at subconscious level.