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Happiness Rewiring Formula


Learn the three step happiness rewiring formula to help you manifest your desired life. This program is based on techniques of subconscious mind power, guided imagery meditation and mindfulness and will help you in finding your purpose, breaking limiting beliefs, enhancing creativity, building a powerful self image and creating a bright and compelling future


Happiness Rewiring Challege


Take this 25 days challenge to transform your life. Use the scientifically proven techniques of mindfulness, meditation, neuro linguistic programming, stress management and visualization to improve five major domains of your life. Join this program for physical and emotional wellness, financial wellbeing, healthy relationships and social wellbeing


Happiness Rewiring Mastery


This is LIVE one to one online training with me where I’ll mentor you for 90 days to master your mind. In these 90 days, I wlii work with you to rewing your mind to reprogram your life for better health, wealth, relationships, career, success and overall a better self. Join this program to change the way you look at the world and yourself

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6 Reasons Why Is Visualization Not Working ? How To Do Visualization Correctly?

Many people have difficulty while doing visualization exercises. In this video, Nilesh Goswami has explained 6 such reasons and how to do visualization correctly. For joining online courses, visit my learning hub at https://www.hub.nileshgoswami.com
3 Reasons Why Resolutions Fail and the Formula to Succeed

We make resolutions on this day of every year but most of the time we fail in achieving our resolutions. In this video I have mentioned 3 reasons why we fail and how can we succeed in realizing these resolutions. Using the techniques mentioned in this video, you’ll be able to learn the formula to […]
How to Concentrate and Memorize Faster using Link Method

Kids, in present times, have serious issues in concentrating and memorizing their course. They can not concentrate because of lack of interest in their study material. Also, they learn by using Rote method which is based on learning by repetition. However, they forget after some time and not able to recall what they had memorized. […]
Goal setting – How to create a positive outcome?

We all set our goals be these personal or work related. And many times, we fail to achieve them without knowing the root cause of failure. There are few criteria to know in the beginning itself, whether a particular goal or outcome is feasible for us or not. In this video, I have explained these […]
What is Stress? – The Basic Concept

Stress is an inbuilt mechanism of our body which saves us from physical danger. For Example, if there is a tiger in front of us, Stress Response prepares our body for fight or flight to safeguard ourselves. Then Why do we think stress in negative terms? In our current lifestyle we have put imaginary tiger […]
How does mind store life events in form of patterns / memory ?

Changing your state / mood is not that difficult. Only thing you need to do is to change the structure of your stored inner reality.
How is State created by the Mind ?

Our Inner reality is a unique subjective experience of events. This subjective experience creates the states of the mind which in turn are responsible for our behaviour/actions. in this video Nilesh Goswami is explaining how is the state created by the mind?
How To Improve Your Self Image (Hindi)

Self Image means how do we perceive ourselves. That means a good self-image is a function of how do we love ourselves. If our self image is poor, it results into lack of confidence which in turn affects the performance. Therefore, it is mandatory for everyone to build and improve a strong self image to […]
How to do 4-7-8 Breathing Technique for Relieving Stress and Anxiety (Hindi)

4-7-8 is a powerful breathing technique to get rid of stress, anxiety and related issues. In this video, Nilesh Goswami has demonstrated this 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Do it at least two times a day ( morning just after you get up and at night just before you sleep) For more techniques, guided meditations and online […]
How to Get Deep Sleep? गहरी नींद पाने के 3 अचूक तरीक़े (Hindi)

Insomnia or sleeping disorder has become very common in the current lifestyle. Mindfulness is a perfect solution to that. in this video, Nilesh Goswami has explained three powerful mindfulness techniques using which you can enjoy deep and sound sleep. For online meditations and courses, visit my learning hub at https://www.hub.nileshgoswami.com For physical and emotional wellness, […]
“I AM” Positive Self Affirmations

Program your subconscious mind by powerful success affirmations. These affirmations create patterns of success in mind. Do these affirmations two times every day.