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♦Today Organizations face pressures to maximize productivity and minimize costs due to increased competition which has resulted in greater work intensity and lesser job security.

♦ Indirect social costs of work stress have been linked to poor physical health outcomes, mental illness, and unhealthy behaviours.

♦ Additional costs to organizations include unplanned absences, employee turnover, increased workplace accidents, lower morale, and lower productivity.

Key Takeaways

✓ Identification and Reduction of Stress

✓ Improved Personal Effectiveness

✓ Enhanced creativity

✓ To be more responsive and less reactive in adverse situations

✓ Improved Decision Making

✓ Improvement in managing overload and maintaining work-life balance

✓ Physical fitness and overall wellness

✓ Learn to set positive outcomes

✓ Neurological Alignment for success, productivity and creating a new attitude

✓ Manage inter/intra departmental relations

✓ Creating patterns of success and erasing patterns of failures

✓ Productivity Improvement

✓ Better Relationship with teams

✓ Positive attitude and continuous motivation

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