Stress Management


 Out of 10 visits to a doctor, more than 7 are because of stress


♦ The global cost of five non-communicable diseases i.e. Cardio-Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Mental   Illness, Respiratory diseases, and Cancer- will reach over $47 trillion by 2030 (source: World Economic Forum)


♦ Stress-related illness to be the leading cause of global disease burden by 2020(source: WHO)


♦ Stress is an inbuilt mechanism of our body to safeguard ourselves from physical danger.


♦ Moderate levels of stress help us to achieve our goals.





Do you feel any of these quite frequently:


✓ Physical tiredness/weakness(fatigue)


✓ Frequent infections/illness


✓ Most of the time doing firefighting only


✓ Tightness around head/lower back pain/stiff neck


✓ Palpitations without exercise


✓ Sleeping problems(delayed/disturbed sleep)


✓ Inability to relax


✓ Adjustment problems with others



✓ Negative thoughts


✓ Nervousness before some important work/event


✓ Reacting to small issues impulsively


✓ Difficulty in maintaining work-life balance


✓ Poor concentration and forgetfulness


✓ Work overload


✓ Social withrawal


✓ Addiction to smoking/alcohol/over the counter drugs

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as a “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Conquer your unresolved issues

Over the years, I have been helping people to come out of their life-related issues so as to live a happy, healthy, energetic and stress-free life

The 3 Step Formula

Empower yourself to become the master of your life by conquering unresolved issues and live a happy & healthy life

Understand the Stress Concept

 Stress Basics


√ Stress- a friend or foe


√  Stress vs Performance

Measure Your Stress Levels

 Know when you are stressed


√ Personalized stress audit


√  Measure stress at different quotients


Stress Management Strategy

 Customized Interventions as per stress audit


 Coaching techniques for different quotients


√ 28 day challenge to reduce stress


 Maintain good physical health


√ Get rid of anger, anxiety, depression, guilt etc


√ Improve mind-body connection


√ Improve self-esteem and confidence

√ Be more responsive and less reactive in adverse situations


√ Improve concentration memory and indecisiveness


√ Manage overload and maintain work-life balance


√ Learn to adopt a win-win attitude

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